Sylvia Burleigh

As a freelance ghostwriter and editor, I create captivating story ideas through case studies, web copy, articles, blogs, sales pages and more.

United States

Got great client feedback? Has your company’s financial position improved?

With it we can tell a story, promote it with a case study, landing page or article.

Solved a pain point for a client? Let me write a one or two-page case study. With a well-written case study, you build credibility and create trust with prospects.

Change the narrative and let buyers understand the unique benefits you provide by using that available data.

How about a ghostwritten blog article about how your company embraces new trends? Or a landing page about a new service or an online course you provide?

If you’ve got solutions that work, you owe it to prospects to let them know just how good it is.

If you’re interested, let’s talk.

Here's what they're saying... "Sylvia is a true professional. She takes pride in delivering high-quality texts and I'd have no hesitation to recommend her or work with her again. Thanks!" ~ Tatiana,

"Sylvia is great and we worked with her for years. She really invests and researches the pieces she produced for us."
Natalie Lynch, Lynch Law Firm, PLLC

With any project, you can expect:

*All content checked with GRAMMERLY and ProWriting
*SEO-optimization with a minimum of 2 keywords included
*Copyscape passable language
*Outline provided upon client request
*Eye-catching titles
*Optimized formatting
*In-depth subject research always


Case Studies

Blogs, Articles & Video Scripts

How Small Businesses Can Support Mental Health Care | Lynch Law Firm, PLLC

More than any other physical impairment or condition including diabetes and hypertension, mental health disorders are now the leading cause of lost workdays. Nearly 45 million people or 1 in 5 adults reported a mental illness in 2016 according to the CDC. While we're discussing stats, let's consider that 63 percent of Americans make up our workforce.

Nase - Non-profit for small businesses
How Self-Employment & Small Business Have Changed Since 2000

For 28.2 million small business owners mastering the art of change is a major requirement to growing a business. A significant catalyst behind the winds of change is technology. For established family businesses, and especially for micro business owners, technology has changed the entrepreneurial landscape making it a more level playing field.

The UNC Aesthetics & Laser Center
Injured NC Vet Receives Free Surgery and a Thank you

Wrote this piece about a NC Soldier who received free surgery for his military service in Afghanistan thanks to the UNC Aesthetic & Laser Center and the non-profit program Faces of Honor. Contracted by Strategic Edge Partners for their client. Please refresh when viewing it in Chrome.

Strategic Web Copy

Website content
Video Tape Transfer and Digitzing Services |

Introducing an innovative process to professionally transfer and digitize Quad, quadruplex, 1" tape and videotape programming to digital formats for archival purposes and editing projects. At, we bring nearly four decades of experience to transferring and digitizing your most valuable assets - your tape and video tape content.

Website content - Adult Daycare

They were there for you from the beginning. Even when things got tough they never left your side. We understand the demands and anxiety of caring for those who stood by you, and who now need you more than ever.